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At Least They Tried:Why the Dutch Failed to Save Their Jews During World War II Award Winning History day paper by Toviya Slager

Rabbi Ozarowski's 2014 lecture series Gay and Orthodox?

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Shiurim with Rob Portnoe

 Talmud Shiur in Sanhedrin Sun. (on weeks the Rabbi is not in town) 8:45-10:00


The Nakh shir varies depending on timing and travel schedules. Winter M-Th from 6:45-8:00 usually, Sunday from 1 ¼ before Minchah unless we need to shift for an event. We may Skype after Minchah/Ma’ariv on Sunday when it gets really early.

Rabbi Ozarowski's 2012 lecture series To Walk in God’s Ways: Perspectives on Illness, Loss, and Healing

 Recorded sessions: 2/12 Handouts from past sessions 12/11 1/18 2/12 3/18