Darchei noam

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Friday, April 29 // 21 Nisan – Pesach 7
     9:00 am – Shacharit, Musaf
                      Dvar Torah by Rabbi Ozarowski – Pharaoh Sends the Jews Away... or Does He?
                      Kiddush sponsored by many Darchei Noam families in honor of Raphi Ozarowski’s engagement to Liora Kleiner.  Mazal tov!
     7:55 pm – Mincha, Ma’ariv (candle lighting is 7:58 pm) (Omer: count day 7)
Saturday, April 30 // 22 Nisan - Pesach 8
     9:00 am - Shacharit, Musaf
   10:30 am - Yizkor not before this time
                      Dvar Torah by Rabbi Ozarowski - To Sleep Perchance to Praise
                      Kiddush sponsored by Debbie & Marshall Mintzand Judy & Jerel Shapiro in commemoration of the yahrtzeits of Pearl Hametz and Arnold Shapiro, z"l.
     5:30 pm - Women's reading of Megillat Shir HaShirim (at Judy Shapiro's home, 2516 Monterey Ave. S.)
     7:55 pm - Mincha, Raphi Ozarowski's class - Pesach Sheni, Second Chances, and the Response of Religious Leadership - Note time change
     9:02 pm - Ma'ariv, Shabbat & Pesach end
   10:30 pm - Do not use sold chametz before (Omer: count day 8)