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This week we are delighted to welcome Rabbi Chaim Jachter as our Scholar-in-Residence.  Rabbi Jachter is Dayan on the Beth Din of Elizabeth, NJ, and has an international reputation of excellence in the area of Get administration.  He is frequently sought out to assist communities in establishing and managing their eruvin.  Rabbi Jachter will be speaking after Kabblat Shabbat Friday evening, following a kiddush/luncheon Saturday, and during seudah shelishit Saturday night.  No need to RSVP for Friday or Saturday night, but RSVP for the luncheon and talk on Saturday.  Cost is $10/adult, $5/kid over the age of 3, $45 family maximum.  RSVP toDarcheiNoamRSVP@gmail.com by June 21 (rates go up after the June 21 deadline).  We look forward to having you join us for this special Shabbat!
Mazal tov to Sam Burke on his graduation from medical school!
Mazal tov to the Darchei Noam officers and board members who were elected at last Sunday's annual meeting:  Shira Krebs (President), Joel Ribnick (Treasurer), Ann Marie Druck, Josh Gepner, Amir Kats(board of directors).   Mazal tov, as well to Karla Dahan, Naomi Oxman, and Allan Schuster, who are continuing on the board.  Many thanks and yasher koach to Mark Glotter, Allyson Kats, and Schelomo Marmor, who completed their two-year board terms.

Save the date!  June 27 - Adults and post B'nai Mitzvah teens are encouraged to attend an exhibit entitled This is Hunger by Mazon at Adath Jeshurun Congregation.  From http://thisishunger.org: "This community engagement program will illuminate the profound prevalence of hunger, encourage us to raise our voices on behalf of the 42.2 million Americans who struggle with hunger every day, and ignite our community's commitment to end hunger once and for all."  We will visit the exhibit at 4:00 pm, with a follow-up session (logistics TBD) to discuss the exhibit and possible next steps for us as individuals and as a congregation.  Contact Miriam Garland, mrmgarland@yahoo.com for more information.
Sunday, July 9, 9:00 am - Navigating Politics and Values in a Diverse Shul - A Congregational Discussion
Recent political developments have prompted much discussion as to the appropriate place of politics and values in our community.  What should be the parameters of discourse within our shul?  Where should we draw the invisible line, if at all, between politics and Jewish values, while maintaining our ethos as a warm, welcoming, inclusive, and diverse Orthodox shul?  The congregation is invited to join this important discussion.  Please contact Rabbi Davis with any questions or concerns.
Thank you to those who helped prepare and clean up for the Shavuot night dinner: Marilyn Levi-Baumgarten, Linda & Jon Davis; Avital, Dahlia, Eytan, and Shira Krebs; Robert Portnoe; Anne-Monique Rapoport; Raphaela and Joram Slager; and Judy Snitzer.
Upcoming Marvelous Guest Scholars
Darchei Noam is thrilled to host three wonderful guest scholars during the weeks ahead.  Please see the attached flier, and watch for further information regarding schedule of events, learning opportunities, and special meals.
Rabbi Haim Jachter, Shabbat, June 23 – 24
We are grateful to The Palchick Family Foundation held at The Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona for underwriting the Dr. Simkovich and Rabbi Jachter weekends.
We have more beautiful parochet leaves of various sizes available for dedication.  $180 small, $320 medium, $450 large.  Please contact Judy Snitzer, judysnitzer@gmail.com, or Judy Shapiro,jerelandjudy@comcast.net, to reserve a leaf.

Members: Early notice, but the Darchei Noam annual meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 11, 9:00 am.

Free transportation to the MSP airport if you are on your way to Israel!  Please call Marshall Mintz at 952-927-0081 or e-mail tommintz02@gmail.com to arrange a free trip.