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Thanks to those who once again made the famed Darchei Noam Sukkah Hop a quadruple success (two routes X two days (after a rainout on day 1)).  Thanks to the host families:Buchbinder, Khabie, Weiss,
, Kusnetz, Dahan,Shapiro, Slager,
Geretz, Kats, Stough, Davis, Klein, Krebs, and Portnoe.  And thanks to the leaders: Shira Kusnetz, Adi Dahan, Yonit Krebs, Yonah Davis, Jacob Khabie, Chava andNechama Buchbinder, and Sophie Geretz.
As is common after the Yomim Tovim, some people took home other people's coats while heading home.  Please check the coat you may have brought home from shul and, if it's not yours, please bring it back.  Yours will probably be waiting for you!
The board designated Fast for Feast for this year's Yom Kippur yizkor appeal.  Fast for Feast is set up to support Leket Israel as well as a local food bank (in our case, STEP) as the recipient of the funds donated.  They are unique in that they streamline the giving to be divided up over the six fasts of the Jewish year.  You can write one check to Fast for Feast (a 501(c)3 organization), or make a one-time donation on line,www.fastforfeast.org/dnmn, and the funds are sent directly from Fast for Feast.  This URL is designated specifically for Darchei Noam.
Youth committee notes:  Upcoming Davening and Doughnuts sessions: October 23, Hoshanah Rabba - Robert Portnoe; October 30 - Rabbi Hayim Herring. >>> The "new beginning" of our formal teen programming (youth ages 10 - high school) will be Shabbat Bereshit, October 29.  The program begins at 10:00 with learning, program preview, and a special kiddush. >>> Betsy Israelson will train group leadersSunday, October 30, 1:00 pm.
Our next evening to serve dinner to the residents of St. Stephen's Homeless Shelter is next Monday, October 31.  We need four "cooks" (vegetable soup, fruit plate, dessert, buy several loaves of bread), and four servers.  If you can help with this important and rewarding project, please let Lee Snitzer know, jsrulke@aol.com or 612-366-1175.
We are updating our yahrtzeit registry, and ask members who have lost a family member in the past year - or who think that we don't have their family members on the list - to send Allan Baumgarten an email (baumg010@tc.umn.edu) with the full English and Hebrew names and the English and Jewish dates of death.
The Darchei Noam library is certainly for your use, but we need to make sure we know where our books are.  Sephorim(Gemarot, Chumashim, commentaries, etc. – generally books on the west wall) should not be taken out of the library without the specific permission of the Ritual Committee (Shira Krebs, Rob Portnoe, Allan Baumgarten, Max Donath, Debbie Kusnetz).  General literature (on the east wall) should not be removed without either leaving a note indicating you are taking it, or telling Bob Kusnetz or Mickey Kamel.  Currently, we are trying to locate volume one of Sotah and volume one ofKedushin, as well as our copy of The Glory, by Herman Wouk.  If you have any of these, please reply to this note!
Free transportation to the MSP airport if you are on your way to Israel!  Please call Marshall Mintz at 952-927-0081 or e-mail tommintz02@gmail.com to arrange a free trip.