Darchei noam

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Many thanks to Debbie and Shoshanna Kusnetz; Marilyn Baumgarten; Erica, Zeke and Abigail Strohl; and Raleigh Kent for their work at Second Harvest Tuesday night.  Many, many boxes of donated food were prepared for distribution to restock local food shelves.  Watch for our next date to volunteer.
The Adult Education committee will be sponsoring a Read Hebrew America and Canadaprogram sometime between October 19 and December 16.  The program is offered by NJOP, the National Jewish Outreach Program, and consists of 5 - 7 weekly classes of 60 - 90 minutes each.  There is no cost to attend.  To prepare, we need an idea of how many students we might have, and who would like to be volunteer instructors.  If you are interested in attending the class, or teaching, please let Debbie Kusnetz (DebbieBKusnetz@yahoo.com) know by August 11.  For more details about the program, go to http://njop.org/partners/programs/read-hebrew-america-and-canada.
Yasher koach to our new board members, Wendy Khabie (President-elect, starting in 2015),Rafi Huntley, Linda Maach, and Joram Slager.  (Members serving their second year on the board are Robert Karasov (President), Mitch Burke (Treasurer), Daffy Friedman, Ron Krebs, and Judy Marcus.)  To our board members who have just completed their two-year terms, Marilyn Levi-Baumgarten, Ami Davy, Judy Shapiro, and Anne-Monique Rapoport, thanks for your dedication and service!
If you weren't able to make it to the annual meeting, we still have some note cards, stating that a donation has been made to Darchei Noam, and featuring one of our beautiful Torah covers.  A package of 5 is $25 ($20 tax deductible).  Contact Hanna Bloomfield if you'd like some of these beautiful cards!