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This weekend we are very pleased to welcome Rabbi Max Davis, the third of three candidates for the position of Darchei Noam's full-time Rabbi.  We are also delighted to welcome Rabbi Davis's wife, Dalia, and their twins,Tifereth and Hoda-ah.  The community will have the opportunity to meet Rabbi Davis at Shabbat services (also Friday and Sunday Shacharit), and hear him deliver the dvar Torah Saturday morning, and a shiur Saturdaynight Teens (sixth grade and up) are invited to an ice cream event with Rabbi Davis Saturday night after the shiur.  Darchei Noam members will have two additional opportunities to hear Rabbi Davis, at a shiur Fridaynight at the Khabie home, and at a Q&A session Sunday morning.  All events, except for the Friday night shiur, are at the shul.  Times and titles are in the schedule below.  We encourage all members to make every effort to attend all events!
Just a reminder that the next class on the Minor Prophets will be 7:00 pm,Tuesday, February 9, and will star Micah Sunday morning after the class we will join members of the Berman Shul in Rechovot, Israel (via Skype) to discuss what we each learned in our individual classes.

Calling all Darchei Kids!  On Sunday mornings, grab a friend or sibling and come for davening with the Darchei Noam minyan at 8:00 am, followed by refreshments.  Questions?  Contact Miriam Garland atmrmgarland@yahoo.com.  We look forward to seeing you!
Composting Update: We have come a long way since introducing our composting program.  There is still a little confusion about exactly what is compostable.  In order to try to make that clearer, we are temporarily going to remove our social hall recycling bins and focus on identifying what is compostable ("organics").  The rest will be trash, for now.  (Kitchen helpers can recycle there.)  Please take a moment as you toss your Kiddush items, and look not to what is in the bins, but to the items taped to the wall above each bin, to guide you.  By taking 5 seconds to direct your disposables correctly, we can move even closer to total compliance with the program that assists us in caring for our earth.

Free transportation to the MSP airport if you are on your way to Israel!  Please call Marshall Mintz at 952-927-0081 or e-mail tommintz02@gmail.com to arrange a free trip.