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Mazal tov to Noah Marell and Sophia Temkin on their engagement!  Noah is Ruth Marell Goldberg's grandson.
We also note, with great sorrow, the passing of Sophia Temkin's grandfather, Isaac Temkin, who passed away, and whose funeral was last Wednesday.
Mazal tov to Claire & David Kusnetz on the birth of a daughter Tuesday!  Mazal tov, as well, to great grandparents Florence & Howard Kusnetz, and great uncle and aunt Bob & Debbie Kusnetz.  Mazal tov to the entire family, and may they enjoy much nachas from Kira!
Rami Schwartz of Hebrew University is in town this weekend with his wife Dvoranit and their children to visit their Minnesota family.  We have invited Rami to teach a class on Sunday morning at a breakfast that follows Shacharit.  Rami has offered the topic Moshe: The Man and the Myth - a study in second Temple and rabbinic sources, and we expect a lively and insightful presentation and discussion.  The breakfast and class are sponsored by the Baumgarten and Kusnetz families in commemoration of the yahrtzeits of Ben Baumgarten (4 Shevat) and uncles Hy Selnick and Avraham Levin (both 23 Tevet).
Talmud Tuesday - The Tuesday night Talmud Chabura is now focusing on Pesach, specifically the tenth chapter of Tractate Pesachim.  All are welcome to participate, and all texts are read in Aramaic and English translation.  Those wishing to prepare for next week's session (1/24) should please see Pesachim 100a-b.  Contact Rabbi Davis for Aramaic or English texts.
Parsha Warm Up - Thursday evenings beginning January 12, 8:30 pm at the Davis's home, 2939 Princeton Ave.  Now that it's winter, warm up!  Enjoy a warm, parsha-themed beverage, and a close look at the bounty lying beneath the surface of the weekly Torah portion.
On Shabbat, January 21, Rabbi Daniel Geretz will speak during Seudah Shelishit about advance directives and end-of-life issues.  This is a follow-up to last week's "TEAM Shabbos" initiative endorsed by the National Association of Chevre Kadisha.  See www.teamshabbos.org for more information.
Hold the date: Friday, February 3, for a Young Adults/Families Shabbat dinner (individuals under 35 and families whose kids are all under bar/bat mitzvah age).  Details to come, but mark your calendars!  Please let Joel Ribnick, joelribnick@gmail.com, if you are interested in helping out.
Throughout 2016, ten Darchei Noam families did all the kiddush shopping for our weekly wonderful kiddushes.  Thank you and a big "yasher koach" to them for making our kiddushes delicious and healthy!  This is different from the weekly kiddush set-up volunteers, and also from the weekly sponsors, to whom we are also very grateful!  Thank you to the Krebs, Friedman/Shapin, Portnoe, J. Shapiro, Mintz, Kats, Huntley, Glotter,
Kusnetz,and Bloomfield/Karasov families for being kiddush shoppers!  If you'd like to join their ranks and shop for a month of kiddushes sometime during 2017, please contact Judy Shapiro.
Free transportation to the MSP airport if you are on your way to Israel!  Please call Marshall Mintz at 952-927-0081 or e-mail tommintz02@gmail.com to arrange a free trip.