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Mazal tov to Daffy Friedman & Ryan Shapin on the birth of a son early Monday morning!  BabyBoy Shapin weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz.  May the brit take place b'ito uvizmano.  Mazal tov to the entire family, and may they enjoy much nachas from their new son!
Please note that next Monday, October 12, we will return to 8:00 pm Ma'ariv only from Monday - Thursday.
This week we begin reading the Torah again, and recall the creation of the world.  As Rabbi Ozarowski explains in his attached article, we are all responsible for maintaining the world, and one way we can do that is by recycling and composting.  To support the Rabbi's article, adults and kidsare invited to an informational hour, Sunday, October 11, 6:00 pm, at Darchei Noam, to review composting and recycling guidelines, so that we will all be on the same page, and continue to improve our compliance with this program.  Our youth group has offered to assist us with proper disposal of items.  Questions, comments, concerns, and other input are welcome.
Please remember that the etrogim that we ordered for Darchei Noamwere imported from Israel and were grown during the shemitah year.  They have to be treated specially now that the chag is over.  According to the RCA, the etrog may not be discarded after Sukkot, but rather should be placed in a safe place to dry up on its own.  Once the etrog completely dries up, it may be discarded.  If one plans on making etrog jelly, the jelly has kedushah and should not be wasted.  It should be consumed before Chodesh Shevat, or else the laws of bi'ur apply.  Another option is to return the etrog to Israel.  If you want to bring your etrog to Darchei Noam in the next few days, we can arrange for shipment.
Calling all preteens and teens!  Starting on Sunday, October 18, and on Sunday mornings thereafter, grab a friend or sibling and come for davening & donuts (or other treats).  Shacharit starts at 8:00, followed by refreshments.  On October 18, there might just be Starbucks coffee for the adults too!  Questions?  Contact Miriam Garland at mrmgarland@yahoo.com.  We look forward to seeing you then!
On Thursday evening, October 22 (Parshat Lech Lecha), Darchei Noam will host a challah bake to kick off the Shabbos Project.  We will be making and baking challah at the shul, and learning some tricks of the trade and more about the significance of this mitzvah.  More details to come but please reserve the date.  For questions, contact Wendy Khabie,wkhabie@aol.com, or 763-443-8083.

Free transportation
 to the MSP airport if you are on your way to Israel!  Please call Marshall Mintz at 952-927-0081 or e-mail tommintz02@gmail.com to arrange a free trip.
Want to be ready to participate in the Women’s Megilla readings?  A class will be taught this summer for women and girls who want to learn to chant the three megillot, Ruth, Kohelet, and Shir haShirim.  Judy Shapiro will teach the trop, at a class time to be determined by the participants.  Contact Judy by June 15 to sign up for this “growth opportunity”!

If you weren't able to make it to the annual meeting, we still have some note cards, stating that a donation has been made to Darchei Noam, and featuring one of our beautiful Torah covers.  A package of 5 is $10.  Contact Hanna Bloomfield if you'd like some of these beautiful cards!

NCSY Highlights:
  • Save the Date for Sr NCSY Kickoff Sunday September 6th.
  • Details to follow